2020 Vision

Nobody can underestimate the power of the internet. This year we want to help entrepreneurs grow their business by showing it to the world… or their metro area. Whatever works best for them.

What’s a Foggy Dog?

This company really spawned from a few things. I work in programmatic advertising. While I love working with large brands in my 9-5, I realized that I could hone my skills and use my knowledge to also help friends and family grow their business and internet presence. The name comes from Siri correcting Kayla on the term “Dog Eat Dog World” to say Foggy Dog. I thought that Foggy Dog really represented the behind the scenes marketing happening with literally every successful business.


This is the group bringing the vision to life!

Kailena Sampson

Strategy & Execution

So this is my thing. I have about 4 years of digital advertising experience and a few years of marketing experience. But no way I could do it alone.

Kayla Boyd

Blog Content Creator

Kayla is my best friend of over a decade! She is an editor at freaking buzzfeed and has ran her own blog Kayla’s Chaos for about 6 years. I think I can trust her with my content.

Paul Salandy

Artist Relations & Events

Pauly really has his own thing going on at OverSoul Media Group. Mans puts on the best showcases and presents amazing artists to the world. He’s going to be putting on the show.

Next Steps…

Seriously hit any of us up if you want to work. They do their own thing, so if I’m not what you’re looking for, they are!